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Comprehensive Exams

Comprehensive Exams

Dentistry is a science, which requires careful evaluation before any treatment is offered. Therefore, our skilled dental teamLearn more about our dentists recommends regular six-month exams to ensure your mouth stays healthy.

These comprehensive exams are vital in our quest to prevent dental problems before they take shape. We’d much prefer to keep you out of pain, feeling good, and enjoying your smile.

Our typical patient exam includes:

  • Examination of your teeth and gums
  • Digital x-rays (when required)
  • An evaluation of your treatment needs
  • A one-on-one discussion to answer any questions or concerns you may have
  • Prevention education

If necessary, you may also receive a professional cleaning with one of our experienced dental hygienists.

Whatever the level of your oral health, dental exams are the starting point of all family dentistry, so please contact us to book your appointment today!Contact our office

Oral Hygiene Care

Oral Hygiene Care

Regardless of your age, background, or previous experiences in dentistry, professional dental cleanings are essential to keeping your smile healthy.

Our family dentistry team recommends visiting us twice a year for oral hygiene maintenance, which involves an evaluation of your daily routine and a professional cleaning.

During these visits, our dental hygienist will not lecture you but rather provide friendly advice to help improve your oral health. Together, you will discuss areas of concern and your future dental health goals.

In addition, we’ll provide a thorough yet gentle cleaning to help remove any plaque that has built-up, and give you a polished smile.

Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal Therapy

The importance of your gum health should never be underestimated. By keeping your gums healthy, you can strengthen your teeth and prevent future health issues that could affect your entire well-being.

At our dental practice, we use periodontal therapy (gum disease therapy) to care for your gums and the soft tissue in your mouth.

Periodontal therapy begins with an evaluation of your gum health, which centers on checking for gum disease. If everything is looking good, we may recommend a professional cleaning to maintain your smile and remove any excess plaque. However, if there are signs of gum disease, then more intensive or regular cleanings may be required.

Please rest assured that our team is here to guide you to improved oral health, so we will clearly explain any issues and walk you through each procedure.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral Cancer Screenings

Did you know that oral cancer continues to be on the rise? What’s more, many people do not realize they have it before it is too late to treat.

At our office, we include oral cancer screenings in your regular dental exams. This additional step could save your life!

It is important to note that you can identify potential warning signs during your at-home hygiene routine. When brushing, look out for common symptoms in your mouth. These include:

  • Lesions or bumps
  • Ulcers
  • White or red patches
  • Bleeding

If you are at all concerned, then please contact us for an evaluation. The earlier we catch cancer, the higher the chances of survival.

Learn more about oral cancer here:…Opens new tab to Oral Cancer Foundation website…

Children’s Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry

Protecting the smiles of your children is close to our hearts. We want everyone to benefit from a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. Therefore, our caring team caters to the needs of little smiles by making dentistry fun and informative.

The American Dental AssociationOpens a new window to the ADA website recommends your child have their first visit within six months of the first tooth erupting or before their first birthday. This allows our dentists to assess their oral development and provide parents with helpful hygiene information.

During your child’s visit, we will treat them like a VIP and ensure they start with a positive view of family dentistry. Our team will carry out a gentle yet comprehensive exam while showing your child how dentistry can be fun.

In addition to regular exams, we offer fluoride treatment and dental sealants.



Most of your teeth are not perfectly aligned and may have grooves and pits on their surfaces. This can make it difficult to reach every little area of your teeth when brushing – especially for younger patients.

Step in, dental sealants!

Dental sealants have been designed to fill in these common pits and fissures found on the surface of teeth. Why? Because these areas are more vulnerable to plaque build-up as debris can become stuck and is hard to remove.

The clear resin used in dental sealants fills in these areas and makes the tooth surface smooth and, therefore, easier to keep clean.

Sealants are long-lasting and will be checked during your regular exams.



Protecting your smile is one of our dentists’Learn more about our skilled dentists primary goals. Whether you are working, sleeping, or playing sports, we want your smile to be safe and look good. Therefore, we offer two types of mouthguards in our office: Sports guards and night guards.

Sports Guards: To prevent oral injuries, we recommend wearing a mouthguard while playing any sport. At our office, we create custom-made sports guards that not only protect your mouth but fit comfortably too. This allows you to feel protected with no impact on your overall performance.

Night Guards: Many people suffer from bruxism (teeth grinding) while they sleep. This condition can wear down your teeth and cause jaw or bite problems. With our night guards, we can hold your jaw in position and protect against this common issue. These mouthguards are custom-made so that you can enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep.

Root Canals

Root Canals

Teeth are incredibly durable, but at times excessive trauma or decay can impact their structure and health. When these issues affect the nerve or inside of your tooth, it can lead to an infection and can be very painful. However, this doesn’t mean your tooth cannot be saved!

With root canal therapy, our expert team can remove the infection and restore the integrity of your tooth. What’s more, this treatment is not painful and has been redesigned to provide a more comfortable experience.

During a root canal, the area around your tooth will be numbed, and you may be sedated (depending on your anxiety level). Then your dentist will carefully clean the area and remove the infection. The inside of your tooth is then filled with a special resin to secure the structure and prevent further infection. The tooth is then sealed with a crown.

This innovative procedure allows you to enjoy the benefits of a fully-functional tooth once again!

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