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Jina Kang, DDS

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One of our lead Bonney Lake dentists, Dr. Kang wearing white scrubs

About Our Dentist

Dr. Jina Kang is originally from Korea but was raised in Atlanta, GA. She pursued her dental degree from Mercy School of Dentistry at the University of Detroit…Opens a new window to the website…, where she met her husband. They had a beautiful destination wedding in Hawaii, right before deciding to move to Seattle, WA.

Dr. Kang is a caring professional who understands how intimidating a dental chair can be for some patients. She is always looking to have fun at the office while striving to help her patients overcome their dental anxieties in a relaxing atmosphere.

Why Did You Choose Dentistry?
While studying Chemical Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology, I had the opportunity to work in a corporate environment. There, I felt like I was just another employee, and that I wasn’t making a big difference in the world.

At this time, I was shadowing a dentist on campus and became intrigued by the one-on-one interaction between the dentist and the patient. The fact that they were able to relieve people of their pain and help them smile within a matter of hours was very impressive to me!

What Is the Best Part of Your Job?
The best part of my job is the rewarding feeling of seeing my patients enjoy their pain-free smiles or seeing them smile for the first time in a long time.

What Do You Do Outside of the Office?
I enjoy traveling, baking, and checking out new restaurants and cafés with my husband. While outdoors, I also enjoy hiking, a few of my favorite hiking trails are Rattlesnake and Poo Poo Point.

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Brent Romberg, DDS

Combining his compassion and expertise.
Our Bonney Lake Family Dentist, Dr. Brent Romberg, smiling at his desk

About Our Dentist

Dr. Brent Romberg grew up in Woodinville, WA. He has been providing dental care for the Pacific Northwest community for more than 20 years.

He received his dental degree from the University of Washington…Opens a new window to the official website…, and since then, his love for dentistry has remained strong.

Dr. Romberg also collaborated with the FDA (Food & Drug Administration)…Opens a new window to the FDA website… in an important study about dental implants and dentures. He enjoys continually looking for new ways to push dentistry forward.

At Bonney Lake Family Dental Care, Dr. Romberg combines his skills, creativity, and use of modern technology to make his patient’s dental troubles disappear. His extreme eye for detail and compassionate personality make Dr. Romberg the dentist you want to visit today!

Why Did You Choose Dentistry?
I first became interested in dentistry when I was in sixth grade. During that time, I got my braces on and had to pay regular visits to my dentist – the rest is history.

What Is the Best Part of Your Job?
The aspect I love the most about dentistry is the opportunity I have to change someone’s life by improving their smile.

What Do You Do Outside of the Office?
In my spare time, I enjoy photography, practicing all kinds of water sports, and taking on many projects around my house.


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This place is the best. My wife is deathly afraid of the dentist. They are very passionate and understanding of her fears. Thank you so much.

Kevin S. (Bonney Lake Patient)

David Chong, DDS

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One of our lead Bonney Lake dentists, Dr. David Chong, smiling at the office

About Our Dentist

Dr. Chong is a Seattle native. He attended the University of Washington…Opens a new window to the university website… for his undergraduate studies in biology and then attended dental school.

During his student years, Dr. Chong traveled to Guatemala on a dental mission trip called “Hands of Love.” Later, he volunteered to provide dental care in Pioneer Square for the Union Gospel Mission.

These experiences, together with his skills and knowledge, have shaped Dr. Chong into the outstanding professional he is today. He strives always to provide excellent care and to build genuine, long-lasting relationships with all his patients.

Why Did You Choose Dentistry?
I chose dentistry because I wanted to help people improve their health while building trusting relationships with them.

What Is the Best Part of Your Job?
What I enjoy most about dentistry is having a chance to connect with everyone in our community. I truly enjoy talking to patients about their day and building long-lasting and genuine relationships with them. Seeing kids grow up and become parents who then bring their kids to our office is a truly amazing feeling!

What Do You Do Outside of the Office?
When I’m not working, I can be found outdoors, either hiking, biking, or running around the city. You can definitely find me hitting the slopes on a snowboard and biking around the Pacific Northwest.


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